Repeat After Me

…there is always something beautiful


21 Days of Gratitude.. 14

14. Organisers.. some people are just natural organisers - they think up grand ideas, put things into action, invite others, sort out details, play host or hostess, make sure everyone has fun, amd often clean up afterward. And some come... Continue Reading →


Wise Words..

21 Days of Gratitude.. 13

13. People who offer to take photos... as the person who's always behind the camera, I very much appreciate people who stop and offer to include me in the images for once. I'm so rarely in the picture myself that... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Moments.

Exploring the local nature reserve.. so lucky!

21 Days of Gratitude.. 12

12. Fly Spray... yes, sorry world - I am contributing to the ozone depletion one aerosol can at a time.. I know it.. But living in a shed with two huge roller doors open most of the time.. well, there... Continue Reading →

21 Days of Gratitude.. 11

11. Time out.. with two kiddies under 3, time out is a bit of a scarcity round here at the moment. My son has decided he no longer needs naps during the day, and in fact if he does nap,... Continue Reading →

Photo of the Day: Candlelit Sunset

21 Days of Gratitude.. 10

10. Board Games.. not that I get to play often, and when I do, my very sad-sack-against-board-games husband always seems to beat me at it, which doesn't seem very fitting. We had a good night of Settlers of Catan just... Continue Reading →

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