Well, It’s done. First big blowout since I started 8 weeks ago.

Had a poxy week and was struggling to keep to my points each day, but managed to, until Friday night when I went out with hubby and my attitude went somehow from ‘she’ll be good – I’ll pick good things off the menu’ to ‘oh screw it – it can’t be that bad’, to ‘eh, it’s done now, might as well have cake too.’ And so I did. Plus two wines.

Hmmmm… then Saturday, we had friends coming for tea and I ran around finding German Wiesswurst sausages for an authentic German meal, then ate one of those, plus a cheese kransky, plus a double helping of evil-but-disgustingly-delicious German potato salad (with cream) and a pretzel, then inhaled a rather large chocolate brownie (with cream) for dessert.

And today: I pay. A full kilo heavier on the scales.

Sure, I might content myself with the fact that I’ll weigh less tomorrow if I eat lots of fruit and drink loads of water today, but the bottom line is – I can’t eat like that anymore if I want to lose the weight and keep it off. I need to blow out more like a skinny person and less like King Henry V with the munchies. Like, a skinny person would have a large fries and be all, gawsh, ‘I’m STUFFED,’ whereas I’m like ‘Get stuffed, where’s the whole cheesecake?’ Aaaand.. therein lies the problem.

Repeat After Me: blowout like a skinny person, not a fat one!