Arghgh! Today at work they had a birthday celebration for our boss (which is all very nice and caring and lovely and great and…. unplanned!!!!).

And of course I found out about it about ten minutes before it started, AFTER I already ate 4 points worth of chocolate while I was marking at my desk (yes, I am the same person who was feeling proud of myself only yesterday 🙂 seems pride goeth before a falleth!) So anyhow I headed down there thinking, I’ll just be supportive and eat the fruit. And of course, there WAS no fruit, and as I sat in there all those yummy smells kept wafting up my nostrils and I thought to myself, just a couple of ccs with salsa and a bit of melted cheese, no worries! Well let me tell you something – CCs are EVIL!!!!! 50g = 5 pts on the old WW system! Shock! Horror! And a little bit of cake which later I figured cost me at least 4 pts! Hmm, and now I am having to have cups of tea and mugs of diet jelly for the rest of the evening in payment!! Serves me right for eating things that I had no idea what they would cost me! Oh well, if I get hungry, I’ll microwave me some veggies..

Still, something else occurred to me – as I looked down the table, all the foods were, like, this dull yellow. Brown and yellow carbs covered with cheese. When you think about it, it’s not that appetising. I ate it because it smelled savoury and cheesy, and because it was that after-work time when you fight the evil voice in your head that says you need a snack (or another snack, in my case). But it wasn’t because it all seemed so totally delicious that I couldn’t resist. So in future if I hear about a work do in time, I will bring my own colourful fruit platter, because I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one thinking the other food looks fatty and unappetising in comparison!

So. Repeat After Me: when attending a work do, either bring your own fruit platter or sing Happy Birthday very loudly and nick off.