Warm fuzzy reasons I’m not giving up this time:

Because I want to go home to Perth next year feeling confident to walk into my old haunts and know people are going to say, HEY! You look GOOD! 🙂 Because I am dying to buy my first item (in 6 years) from Cue which used to be my favourite shop!

Because I want people to call me Sporty Spice again. I’ll never be a rake, and I don’t want to be, but fit? Bring it on!

Because I want to go on a romantic island getaway with my husband and this time I want to walk down the beach in a skimpy bikini and a barely-there white (got to be specific here, come on!) cover-dress – kicking up water and looking gorgeous … oh wait, I think I’m getting stuck in the latest Hamilton Island Ad… 🙂

Because I want to get that huge box of size 14 clothes out of the garage and wear them (well , the ones that are still remotely trendy after all this time in storage!) and feel GOOD in them, instead of wearing them and feeling ashamed to be a size 14 like I used to, still comparing myself to some skinny-no-bones-or-muscle girl who was blessed with a completely different genetic makeup to my own! I thought the size 14 label told me I was a failure, but I had no idea! No more! I’m going to be happy with what God gave me.

Because I need to have confidence in my ability to control my own life and body.

Because I want to feel strong. I am loving that every now and then I am surprising myself with my exercise – I can go longer than I thought, I can go harder than I thought. I never really thought I’d become a runner, but I am finding that when I have a lot of energy I naturally WANT to run. What’s with that? I’m amazed! And shocked. And a little afraid of it! But mostly amazed!

Because I want to fit into the sexy colourful bras that only seem to go up to size 14 – damn you, Elle Macpherson! Because I want to be healthy so at some point I can have a family.

Because I want my husband to feel even prouder of me. I know he loves me, but the poor man has never been with a totally happy, confident me! He deserves that, and so do I.

Because I also have promised myself that I am going to get a designer dress when I get to goal – something like that gorgeous 50’s style satiny lime green Charlie Brown number that I was too fat for a year ago… sigh…dream…

Because I want to be able to say ‘YES Let’s Go!’ and feel excited when my friends ask me to do something physical, like ride around the river or try parasailing or hire a jet-ski. Hell, I want to be the one suggesting these things!

Because I want to be the best version of me that I can be. Everything has been leading me here, to this moment. I can do it.

Man, action feels good! 🙂