So, this morning I did my weekly home weigh-in and weighed 100kg. Sigh. But at least I’m back where I started, which means that everything from here on is ‘real’ loss and I am really starting to change my life for the better. I have been thinking about keeping me my top priority, and the main thing is keeping up my motivation and committment to it this time.

Every other time I’ve lost weight in the last two years, I’ve taken off 5 kilos just to put it on again. I CAN do it, I just need to KEEP doing it. To make me a high enough priority in my life and in my family’s life, that what good I do is a lasting change and isn’t lost as soon as things get busy or stressful. If I’d just put enough importance on those 5 kilo losses in the past, perhaps I could have added them together instead of fighting with the same weight – I could weigh 20 kilos lighter instead of losing the same 5 kilos four times!!! What a waste.

So no more. I have surrounded myself with exercise dvds and weight watchers info and healthy recipe books and stuff, and I’m keeping my head in the game by trying to read something to do with weight loss on a daily basis to keep it at the forefront of my mind. After a slow start, it is starting to work, but I am still not at the point where I feel comfortable or sure that it will keep coming off, so I am trying to think positively and keep learning and thinking about it all to keep myself committed.

Wish me luck!! 🙂