After I ate lunch today, I realised something a little bit ground-breaking for me (in memorable history, at least!)

See, I’ve always winged because my husband has this natural ability to stop eating when he’s full, something that I’ve never been able to do (hence the whole being here thing..). And he can, I mean like, STOP. Like, he’s in the middle of his favourite burger and he’s got those last two bites left that are really just mush and they taste the best anyway cos everything’s been smushed in together and if it were me, you know, I’d shove it in and lick my fingers – you know? But not him, he goes, ‘wanna bite?’ As if I didn’t eat enough with my big burger (that I finished with gusto) and large fries and a couple of nuggets! But he doesn’t want it, so hey… Geez.. it’s insane. thought bubble

And I’ve always cursed my mother with the whole clean-your-plate-there’s-starving-children-in-Africa thing, hands up if you know what I’m talking about – God love them, they thought they were doing the right thing at the time…

Even so, I’ve suddenly come to a realisation… After 6 weeks of paying attention to my stomach, eating lean cuisine meals on my own dinner plates so I can see what a ‘normal’ meal size looks like, eating less and feeling uncomfortable with not feeling full at the end of a meal and having 3 cups of tea to feel fuller – well, today I ate what I put on my plate and wasn’t FULL full and was quite happy with that. I. Was. Quite. Happy. With. That. I ate ‘enough’ and I felt okay with not feeling full, quite happy in fact, because I knew I’d feel ‘lighter’ for the whole arvo. And I did. And I surprised myself. Ha HA!! I never thought THAT would happen! I thought I’d struggle against the need to feel full every meal for my whole weight-loss journey! And maybe every other meal, I still will, who knows, but damn, it felt good to not feel that discomfort! I felt good for the rest of the day 🙂

It’s so good to feel like the effort and the discomfort is actually getting me somewhere! Closer to acting and thinking like a skinny person – which is what I want to be! I read something recently that said that – if you start acting like a skinny person, you’ll become a skinny person. Interesting advice. What would a skinny person put on their plate? What would a skinny person do if they didn’t feel like exercising? What would a skinny person eat at a restaurant? Hmmm… some of those skinny-person answers are very different to what I would have said before I started this journey! But maybe this means I’m on my way – and that’s exciting!