Man- it’s just as well I spent the last week thinking of reasons not to quit, because darn, I feel like it right now! GRR!

I have put on 0.1 when I should have lost 16kg in a single bound. What’s with that?

I weighed in on Tuesday and was excited as I’d gone from 102.9 to 102.5 in three days from WI, but by Saturday was back to 103.3 – why???

Good things I did, hence the righteous indignance: ·

I have stuck to my points like a fiend for the last week as I’m on school holidays, and… ·

I have done x4 exercise, which is usually good for me, and two of those workouts where far longer and harder than normal – I ran on the treadmill and went for an hour instead of ½ each time! I was so proud of myself! And… ·

I drank a minimum of 1.5L every single day, which is better than wondering what I drank at the end of the day and hoping I got to a litre or so like normal! And… ·

I made it a priority to get good sleep, and have been catching up on much-needed zz’s. AND… ·

I had two stressful things early in the week but have been making a real effort to relax and enjoy my time off for the second part- so if stress is heavy- why the heck hasn’t the heavy gone away?

And why did I put weight ON during the week?? Man. Am annoyed.

Things I did that I probably shouldn’t have: ·

This week I have enjoyed my holidays- it seems a little too much. I have been sitting around a bit – I didn’t think it was that bad! – but coupled with getting up late and going to bed late, it seems it’s probably not the best for weight loss. ·

I ate a big breaky about 11 each day, followed by either snacks or lunch at 3-4, and dinner at about 7-8. Maybe I should have gotten up earlier, got my metabolism moving, and eaten an early breaky. But that wouldn’t feel like a holiday! 🙂 (Yes, I can feel all your mums out there rolling your eyes about now!). Rock and a hard place.

And yet I got schoolwork done, I got the tax returns mostly done, and I got the watching of Season 1 of Offspring done – I thought it was a productive week! …for sitting about….hmm. ·

Also ate a very large portion of phad thai on Friday night. Big gut-full of processed pasta about 2hrs before bedtime, probably not the smartest idea. I did have random dreams all night.

But I still didn’t go over my points!

I guess all I can do is say to myself, well, you’ve had a week of lazy holiday, which obviously didn’t work, and now you need to go back to normal hours of functioning and try to stay a bit more active. I kind of thought that since I was finding it easy to stick to my points that I was doing well. Seems not. But I would have thought that the exercise would count for something!

Repeat After Me: Routine is my friend. And pretending you’re being active while really doing a big chunk of sitting about is counter-productive. Sigh.