Lost 200g this week, so I celebrated with $200 spend-up at Jaqui E!! He he – feel a bit spoilt, but they are the first clothes I’ve bought since I started this journey – so I figured it was okay, even though I still haven’t lost 10kg yet! Sitting on 7.6kg lost currently – only about 25kg to go! Anyhoo, you know how it is when you find the perfect dress, in the perfect colour, and it’s in a regular-sized clothing store, and IT FITS… well… recipe for credit-card disaster! And it’s a size 18, which I haven’t been able to buy in a regular store for about 4years, so it feels so good to try-and-buy rather than the old try-and-sigh 🙂 he he.

ALSO, found this cute-as jacket there, fell in love, tried on the 18, and it fit really well but chic-ily loose, so I thought, well if I get the 16, it will still fit me in 10kg’s time… so I did. !! And hubby put up a surprisingly weak defense, so I made short work of that and spent all me cash for the next two weeks! Gotta love it. And I was there to buy boots.. ermm.. perhaps next fortnight…

Anyhoo, Repeat After Me: spoil yourself when the time is right – and that time is….. ANYTIME!!!