Yes, I am one of THOSE people who finds these fun he he 🙂

A.Age: 32

B.Bed size: Queen. Boring Qn! B – Bribe that would work: being my personal chef for a week.

C.Chore that you hate: filling the car with petrol! omg!

D.Dogs: 1. None & heartbroken about it! Crappy rentals…. left our doggy in NZ when we left – biggest mistake of my life! Don’t do it!

E.Essential start to the day: two poached eggs on a bit of toast and a cup of English Breakfast tea so strong it looks like coffee.

F.Favourite colour: eh – no favourites – whatever I’m in the mood for. Lime green has lasted a surprisingly long time in my house though!

G Gold or Silver: gold, but the only thing I wear regularly is my wedding ring.

H.Height: 175cm

I. Instruments you play – did play piano once, now I just play me ipod. 🙂 loud.

J. Job Title : Secondary English Teacher & Literacy Coordinator. Sounds good. Just means staaacks of marking.

K. Kids: none yet. Late starter! Shall we have kids yet? Oh, nah, the job isn’t good. I don’t like this house… I’d have to grow up.. my feet hurt.. he he.

L. Live: In Melbourne. But want to be back in Perth, long term plan, NZ, land of the green grass and beautiful landscapes.

M. Mothers name: Pam. Random Qn!

M: favourite Movie? 4 weddings and a funeral. Nearly wet meself.

N. Nicknames: anna, anna spanna, anna bananna, goanna, bombanna, I could go on… gingernut (husband)

O. Overnight Hospital stays: tonsillectomy-gone-wrong. (shudders)

P. Pet Peeve: people who complain all the time and don’t do squat about it.

Q. Quote from a movie: hmmm –Monty “I fart in your general direction,” & Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.” “She’s lost that Lovin’ feeling.. – damn, I hate it when she does that..”

R. Right or left handed: Right – but let’s face it, neither is coordinated!

S. Siblings: One older sister. She’s the mature one.

T.Time you wake up: Golly Gosh – I’d sleep till afternoon every day if I could get away with it!! Usually 7:12 after hitting snooze 6 times.

U. Underwear: full cottons briefs. I stopped wearin the g’s when i lost em too many times. Unpleasant 😉

V. Vegetable you hate: hmm.. am not fussy so… well, the only foods I think are disgusting are brain or liver-related products & oysters..

W. What makes you run late: hitting snooze. Forgetting to lie to hubby and say we’re leaving 15 mins earlier than we actually need to.

X. X-rays you’ve had: stuffed collar bone, spine, coccxyc? bone, but no breaks or anything major.

Y. Yummy food that you make: Chicken& Mushroom Risotto, Asian chicken & noodle soup, sweet potato, pumpkin & coconut bake, anything from a packet…

Z.Zoo animals: otters! So cute!!