I love fruit. I’ve been hanging onto the old points system like a fat kid holding onto cake, and now I am discovering, talking to all you wonderful well-ahead-of-me women, that I might be missing out on a good thing! 🙂apple

And if I was someone who didn’t mind missing out on good things, well, I wouldn’t be here, would I now? So I think it’s time to modernise my Weight Watchering. So for anyone else out there who’s curious about changing from old to new – I know I’m not the only one still doing it – I will write about how I go with it.

But I have to be honest from the start – I’m changing for the fruit. He he. Yes, sadly, that’s the main reason. Updated points books, new healthier system, less bad carbs, Pah! – who cares – It’s all about getting free mangoes and bananas. Vegetables – Pah! Who cares about vegetables! What kind of chocolate craving are they going to avert? What fat person ever said they struggled with a spinach craving?

So. At the moment, all I really know about the new system is that it’s all about taking into account more than just caloric intake – it’s about getting the right foods as well, and discouraging you from eating the bad foods – which are worth more points – and encouraging you to eat more good foods – worth less points. And you have to pay to learn about it and get new books etc and I won’t say any more about WWers making lots of money out of it because I appreciate them letting me on here :). And you get free fruit. Well, I mean, nobody drops it at your house free of charge, but you can eat it till you puke and you still don’t have to write it up on your tracker. He he. Can’t wait.

But not yet.

In about 3 weeks on the school hols so I can get me head round it. So that’s the plan, stan. Will let u know how I go.

If there’s anyone out there who thinks it’s a big mistake, speak now or forever hold your peace. But I might not believe you, you might just be hogging the fruit. Have a good week and BE GOOD!