SO I’ve had my first week of being serious again, and I’ve made a start – did x5 exercise which is the best effort for months, but need to really get serious about sticking to my calories. After months and months of giving in to every whim and fancy (and cake and biscuit and chocolate square) – I’m finding it quite hard to be disciplined. I’m counting my points up late in the day and finding ‘m already waay too close to the line, and then it blows out. Hmm.

I’m seriously going to have to plan ahead more if I’m going to get anywhere.


Tomorrow’s plan.

BREAKY: Eggs and avocado for breaky, 1 toast.

SNACK: 2 peanut butter balls and a cup of tea for snack

LUNCH: Tuna, Sweet Potato and Salad

SNACK: Homemade low cal muffin, spirulina smoothie.

TEA: Schnitzel and Veggies. Strawberries & yoghurt for dessert. Chai tea later on.

Right. I’ve put it out there for all the world to see, so now I’m going to have to stick to it. AND do a walk or exercise DVD. AND drink my 4 huge glasses of water (8cups).. AND stay sane enough to deal with my darling son who has decided to teeth and get a rash. Joy. I can do it, right?

Goodo – have a good day, all J