Right. Got home from a month in Perth with the family over the summer break, and brought a few new friends home with me, namely, 3 extra kgs. Boo.

So first week home I went hard and did a soup diet as a kick-start. Did well too.. proud of myself, lost 2 kgs… buuuuuut…. died in the ass. damn it. slowly I see myself opening the fridge more and picking at this and that more… joy.. I feel like I need to do the soup diet till my bad habits are gone, but I have a bad feeling that they just lie in wait. they hang out for me to have my first taste of cake and then run riot. They sit on the sidelines till I put a sneaky sugar in my tea when out, and then they jump up and down every time I make a cup of tea at home. They hide behind the goodies on the hidden shelf till I look there in quiet desperation, and then once I’ve been weak once, they call my name constantly till all the good goodies are gone. Boo.

I thought losing weight was hard when I was 25 and had no kids. Add 10 years and a ten month old baby who doesn’t sleep – cue total lack of motivation and sad, sad sodden willpower. My will is like a wet cabbage. lol. No iron here. sigh.

How can I get my weight loss mojo back? How can I get motivated when I’m not at all? I have to, for my own sake. I said I’d never weigh 100kgs again, and yet here I am staring down 102 and feeling like a fat fatty boombah. Ho hum.

I guess I better make soup tomorrow!! đŸ™‚