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The Magic of Exercise..

One key to me being able to lose weight is doing at least 5 lots of decent exercise in a week.  When I was slim, I found that only 3 good sessions was enough to maintain, but to lose, I have to exercise more days than not. I guess it makes sense, you have to be doing the right thing more often than not!

I also find, that when I’m really unmotivated to start losing again (Ie every time).. if I start by focusing on the exercise, the motivation to eat well will follow. Maybe not immediately, but if I’m consistent, it always follows. All I have to do to get back in the bandwagon, and what I’m focusing on this week, is getting my ass off the couch and out for a walk or a gardening session at least 5 times. The motivation will come: as I repeat it, I will feel more like doing my daily walk.  The intensity will come: as I repeat it, I will feel more like going faster and harder. I just need to get up, get out, and create the habit. 

So. Repeat after me: get off my ass and out to exercise at least 5 times this week!


Bring On 2017..

So. 2017 arrives, and with it, new motivation to do better, be better, get more right and less wrong, and make more progress on goals that are important to me.  

In light of the fact that I now have two beautiful kids, have been officially married for 10 years, am off teaching for another 2 years, and currently weigh over 100kgs, well, there are some pretty obvious goals I have in mind for this year. 

Be the best mum I can be – being a mum is the best and worst thing I have ever done, and it takes effort to manage myself and my kiddies on little sleep and sometimes little motivation. Keeping them healthy, learning and happy is really important.

Be the best wife I can be – hubby is a good man, two years into his own business and doing great, and could do with a little more appreciation from his busy wife. 

Losing weight – the old cliche new years resolution haha. But it’s here because I’m not having any more kiddies and so I don’t have any me excuses. Now that I’ve experienced the not-joy of giving myself insulin injections during my last pregnancy, I wish to avoid diabetes and need to get back to a healthy BMI. Like, yesterday. Ha.

Deepening friendships. I’m not sure if everyone struggles the way I do to find regular time for friends and family, but I need to do better at keeping in touch and making time for the people who are important to me.

Improving my spiritual walk. Sigh, this should be first, but I struggle to make the time. I’m sure that’s the trap, lol. I need to do a regular devotional and make more effort to get to church with the kiddies. I also need to start my day with God so I can be a bit more deliberate about facing things positively and well.

So. Repeat after me: there is nothing wrong with a new start. This year gives me yet another chance to refresh my goals and focus on what’s important.  Bring on 2017. I’m ready. 

Sidebar – I love Leo..

So just for the record, I think Leonardo Dicaprio is the hottest man alive.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

Pity about the huge ego, pity about the unavailability-fear-of-commitment-thing, but man, has he got better with age! Fell in love all over again in Blood Diamond. Just saw it again.. sigh..

Don’t get me wrong, I love hubby, but I’ve already had to let him know I’d have to leave him if Leo came my way. He knows where he stands.

Honesty is the most important thing in a marriage, after all. 🙂

Just so you know! If You’re feeling Bombarded by Posts..

Please forgive me, I’m currently shifting my blog from a different site to this one. Any weight loss posts I’m currently posting are ones I wrote at least 2 years ago, before my current journey. Once they are all here, I will continue to write about where I am right now, which is a whole new kettle of fish (I now have a 6 month-old son, as you can see from my other, current, posts)…

I could have just started fresh, but I HAVE learnt so many things from my previous weight loss efforts, and I like to be able to re-read them to stay strong and gain new inspiration. I hope you’ll find some helpful bits in them too.

Please just stay with me while I add them on – I’m very sorry if it means your inbox gets bombarded in the meantime, but it will only take me a few days. I hope you find them worth the bombarding lol 🙂

Thanks heaps! And have a great day 🙂

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