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Weight Loss

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Things only get easier because we get better at doing them, not because it’s any less difficult to do.


The Road Back to Being in Control…

It’s funny how losing a few kgs can affect us in so many ways. I’ve lost so little in the grand scheme of things, but I have gained so much as well in terms of positive changes and growth. We... Continue Reading →

I Have A Theory About Cake…

You can tell a lot about a person from what kind of cake they eat. My mum eats those slices, like apple and rhubarb slice with crumbly stuff on top. She’s a people pleaser who was always a skinny girl,... Continue Reading →

Any which way you slice it…. Moving to Propoints..

I love fruit. I’ve been hanging onto the old points system like a fat kid holding onto cake, and now I am discovering, talking to all you wonderful well-ahead-of-me women, that I might be missing out on a good thing!... Continue Reading →

$100 for a 100 grams!! :)

Lost 200g this week, so I celebrated with $200 spend-up at Jaqui E!! He he – feel a bit spoilt, but they are the first clothes I've bought since I started this journey – so I figured it was okay,... Continue Reading →

Purging ‘Poor Me’..

Feeling great this week! Lost 1.3 last week, which I think is a direct result of C25K and if it keeps going, I’ll be a runner for life!! He he. Was worried about my knee being a bit sore after... Continue Reading →

Warning: Exercise Freak Under Construction!

Well, change is underway, and one thing that’s changing substantially round here is my exercise routine! For about 5 years I’ve been a half-hearted she’ll be right, 3-times-a-week-on-a-good-week, walk-round-the-block kind of gal. And it’s gotten me, ooh, nowhere. Except fatter.... Continue Reading →

All About Moi :)

Yes, I am one of THOSE people who finds these fun he he 🙂 A.Age: 32 B.Bed size: Queen. Boring Qn! B - Bribe that would work: being my personal chef for a week. C.Chore that you hate: filling the... Continue Reading →

I’ve got a craving for…… feeling good!

So. I had my week off. Deserved, yes, due to some very frustrating lack of losses with lack of reasons, but at the end of the day I have acknowledged that I have no choice but to continue my journey.... Continue Reading →

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