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Living in a Shed: An Ode to My Kitchen..

Oh fair kitchen, how I have missed thee. How the light shineth on your shiny surfaces. Thy crappy concrete floor matters not, as long as thine oven warms mine heart and baking. Thy tiny prep space challenges me to thinketh... Continue Reading →


Living in a Shed: All Moved In..

So it was a long time coming, but we got the carpet down and moved into the finished flat about 6 weeks ago. Things have been so very muddled and busy and crazy but finally we have some semblance of... Continue Reading →

The Quest for a Beautiful Life: My Achilles’ Heel..

So I'm trying to live beautifully here and I just seem to keep on failing at the same point every time. It feels like I can hold so much together, but by the end of the day, particularly if it... Continue Reading →

21 Days of Gratitude.. 4

4. A husband who puts up with me! ..In honour of Valentine's Day, today's grateful item had better be hubby I think! 12 years and still surviving life, marriage and kids. We have our ups and downs but we're in... Continue Reading →

Christmas Kilos… and a few more..

Right. Got home from a month in Perth with the family over the summer break, and brought a few new friends home with me, namely, 3 extra kgs. Boo. So first week home I went hard and did a soup... Continue Reading →

All About Moi :)

Yes, I am one of THOSE people who finds these fun he he 🙂 A.Age: 32 B.Bed size: Queen. Boring Qn! B - Bribe that would work: being my personal chef for a week. C.Chore that you hate: filling the... Continue Reading →

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